Memorial Open Enrollment at MDPC | Coder Kids

Memorial Open Enrollment
@ Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Grades 3+ - Tuesdays

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March 12
0 session remaining
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
11612 Memorial Dr
Houston, TX 77024

Class registrations are through the MDPC Reach office. To register, please call 713-490-9564 or visit the REACH Website.

MDPC does not honor any discounts/promo codes from Coder Kids.

Don't just play video games, let us teach you how to make your own!

In this class, students will make creative games and animations using Scratch. Scratch is built for beginners and builds the fundamentals for moving into more advanced programming languages. By the end of our class, students will have a small portfolio of games and animations to show off to friends and the skills to build their own. No coding experience required. Students should know how to read in order to take this class.

For students in grades 3+, we will determine where to start your coding journey. Most students will start coding games and animations in Scratch, but more advanced students with experience in Scratch can start in Python or Javascript, with assistance and guidance from our instructor.