Intro to Drones and STEM in Cypress | Coder Kids Houston

Intro to Drones and STEM
@ Best In Class - Eldridge Lakes
Entering Grades 2 - 5

1 week
Best In Class - Eldridge Lakes
6340 N Eldridge Pkwy I
Houston, TX 77041
Chieu Tran

In this workshop, students will learn about STEM and beginner's drone flying techniques all wrapped up in the name of fun. They will complete an insane drone flying obstacle course while acquiring knowledge of drone technology through the use of science, technology, engineering, and math.  Join us and let's fly some drones.  All drones are flown safely and responsibly.

Lessons in this class will revolve around engineering. Students will build their own drone obstacle course as part of the curriculum. They will also learn about aerodynamics and aviation science, and how to use their drone to deliver a package. Finally, they will learn about the process of designing engineering solutions and they will complete technical drawings. 

This class is provided in partnership with STEM Drone.